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Public Service Loan Forgiveness

(10 year program)

Effective May 1, 2024: 

  • The Department of Education will no longer be using MOHELA as their designated loan servicer for federal student loans

  • PSLF will be managed directly through the Department of Education’s website. Payment tracker coming July 2024

  • More than 1 million student-loan borrowers could soon be transferred to a new company 

Getting Started

Calculate Savings

Step 1: Log in to 


​Step 2: Make sure you have Direct loans

If your loans are NOT Direct loans, you will need to consolidate the 

non-direct loans only


Certify Employment

Step 3: PSLF Form

Payments under the PSLF program will only count if you are employed with a qualifying employer. Employment will be verified by submitting the PSLF Form periodically. This can be done @ or by emailing the PSLF Form to the district and sending the form in by mail or fax to the Department of Education.

Income-Driven Payment Plan

Step 4:  Get on an income-driven repayment plan​

UPDATE: Automatic IDR recertification of income and family size now available

Student loan borrowers can get lower payments from the new SAVE Plan

FPL Chart

Want to wait until October 2024 to make payments? Check out this from The White House


Step 5: Apply for Forgiveness

After 120 qualifying payments fill out the application for loan forgiveness

How to check on qualifying payments at MOHELA here

Signing a Contract


Alternative for those leaving non-profit organizations here
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