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Other Student Loan Solution Options:​

Teach Grant

(Enroll before graduating):


  • Teach in a high need field (math, science, special ed)

  • Teach in a low-income school


Online Practical Teacher Training (OPTT)

What is it?

USU OPTT is an innovative, online special education preparation program specifically designed for individuals currently working in a Utah school as a special education teacher or a special education paraprofessional. Applicants may choose to specialize in either early childhood special education, K-12 severe, or K-12 mild/moderate disabilities, and will be fully-qualified for special education certification upon completion of this 5-semester program (fall-spring-summer-fall-spring). The program will be longer for applicants who are completing a first bachelor’s degree.

The OPTT program accepts applicants who are special education teachers or special education paraprofessionals with or without a bachelor’s degree. All applicants must be working in a district or charter school that agrees to collaborate with USU’s Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation (SPER) to provide classroom support throughout the program.

NOTE: OPTT is not available outside of Utah.



If you don't qualify for a federal loan forgiveness program and you'd like to lower your interest rate consider refinancing with Citizens One or Sofi.

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